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Similar to how great agents create a competitive environment between buyers to get the best sales price for your property, promotes competition between real estate agents to ensure you get the best agent, commission rate and terms for your needs.

There are thousands of real estate agents providing listing and marketing services that want your business, and you as a customer. This is no surprise when the total agent commissions charged on an average Vancouver single family home can be in excess of $60,000.  

When spending a large sum of money for a product or service it is wise to get estimates or quotes from multiple vendors.  Whether it be for a new kitchen, painting the house, finding a mortgage etc.  You want to know you are getting the appropriate balance of value, quality and price. Selecting the right real estate agent should be no different.


Negotiating individually with each agent to get the best terms can be a challenging and time consuming task. makes this process easy by creating a competitive environment for real estate agents to bid for your property listing, knowing that they will be competing against other agents.  


Our vision is to improve the way property owners find real estate agents and real estate agents find clients, in a way which is mutually beneficial to both property owners and agents.  

Our vision is to improve the way property owners find real estate agents by

  1. Making it easier and cheaper for real estate agents to source leads, by providing a low cost and constant source of leads and reducing the need for expensive promotional and marketing time and cost. With the benefits being passed to the customer.

  2. Ensure customer peace of mind by knowing they have reviewed multiple competitive proposals from great agents, and have the best agent at the best price for their needs. 

We make this easy and achievable. It is the new and best approach to finding the right listing agent.

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